Thursday, February 3, 2011


Let's just say the last two weeks have been more than overwhelming to me...let me know if you get tired along the way...

Last week was our "homecoming"...we call it Pirate Fest because the town actually does a different homecoming in March. During Pirate Fest, I have to coordinate a cheer camp for the little kids. Last year we had maybe 30 girls...this year doubled!!!! I am so thankful for a Junior High Sponsor who helped out TREMENDOUSLY!!!! Peyton was sick with strep throat, the flu and breathing treatments last week. The babysitter was out sick one day and out for family business 3 other days. So between having to plan stuff for the sub and then run up to the school for cheer camp or take care of bball practice while hubby stayed home with the was BUSY to say the least!

So this week rolled around and I thought...okay...time to get back into the routine again...W-R-O-N-G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes...COMPLETELY WRONG! Hubby came down with what we think is the flu! Went home early Monday and left ME to coach the girls Tuesday night. Now I am totally cool with coaching...LOVE it...most days...but this was one of the biggest games of the year!!!! Needless to say we lost...ran out of time. The girls made a good come back in the end...we just ran out of time. Casey, you would be proud...heel-stomping, jumping up and down, enthusiastic coaching...learned from the best :) At school the next day, lots of comments from the students...they didn't know I had that side in me...I do believe one kid called me a beast! He also told hubby that I made him do something he had never done before at a girls' game...stand up and cheer. So, I may get another chance to stomp those "6-inch" heels this weekend. Hubby is still not up to par. He will be there...he just can't do much but sit. Oh, principal said he was impressed I could hop from the coach's box to the scorer's table in 3 hops in those heels...hehe! But like I said...proud of the girls in the end...just ran out of time. They gave the crowd a show in the 4th and the other team a run for their money!

Kiddos are doing well. Still stuffy and coughing but I think until it warms up they will be like that everyday. My little princess is a sassy-pants, diva-acting, stubborn, hard-headed, make you laugh bully...did you know that all those can be in one person??? She is a MESS! My little man is recovering well from last week. SO ready to see snow...I hope mother nature does not disappoint.

Life is good. Lots of things we are unsure about for the future but I have to make myself trust Him everyday...sometimes every minute of every day! Stay safe and warm!

Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm back!

Our "family" Christmas picture that I have to twist my hubby's arm to take every year.
The kiddos after church.

So it has been once again F-O-R-E-V-E-R since I have been on here. I am home with the kids so I have the time. We had a great Christmas break...just not long enough. Visited with lots of family and ate tons of great food! My babies are another year older, 3 and 1, and growing way to fast for my liking. P is 3 going on could be because he is around high school kids a lot! He is too smart for his own good. A is Ms. Sassy Pants! Total her Audie says if a 1-year-old can be...but HATES bows!!! Hates them in her hair, hates them on her shoes, etc! Hubby and I are doing soon as he gets over his bronchitis :) We have our house on the market with prospects moving up to the surface. Totally seeking God's will in this situation!!! Looking forward to spring break and summer...we both wish we could be stay-at-home-parents right now with our kiddos being the ages they are. But that not how life goes.

BTW...I am home with a sick child so please keep him/us in your prayers.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Seeing the real me...

It's Saturday morning and I am starting to rise out of my slumber...(I've been out of bed for 2 and 1/2 hours now). I was opening the blinds...but not the curtains...and a thought came to me. I want to be able to see out but I don't want people to be able to see in. Now, those of you who know the real me know why this is. Then I thought to myself, how can this apply to my spiritual life? Sometimes this can't be the case in my spiritual life. In order for us to be used by God and receive His many blessings...we have to let the real us be seen...and that's why it is so important to be real...not two-faced...not a fake...not a hypocrite...but real...who God made us to be and wants us to be. Now...I don't like letting people see the real me...I wouldn't say that I am any of the above (some may disagree but oh well) but I don't want people seeing my weaknesses. That's another part of it too. It's okay to let your weaknesses be I'm not saying run and tell the whole world all your problems...but we can't walk around like we are perfect and we live perfect lives. We are humans and we make mistakes and we deal with problems and we enjoy the good things in life...BUT He is real and He wants to be the center of our lives.

Just had this thought and wanted to share...If you don't agree or don't like it...oh well...This is me and who I am...and I love my Savior!

Out for a while...

At the Western Days Parade...making his cousins feel sorry for him because he "didn't have any candy"...yeah right!
With Grandpa at the Civil War Re-Inactment.

Parade again.

My blue-eyed girl.

So yes, I have been away for a while...I get busy and blogging is the last thing on my mind. Quick overview...Classes are much better than last year so the day goes faster. Cross Country not doing bad...district meet on Monday. Cheerleaders will be good if I can keep them all healthy. Basketball started Wednesday so it is late nights for us and my kiddos are already gym-rats! Kiddos are doing well. A is 9 months and above average on everything. P is 2 going on 15 most days. I love them more and more everyday. Hubby and I are trying to keep our sanity with school, bball, kids, etc...but we get to do it together! Here are a few pics of the fall. More to come.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to school, back to school...

We started back to work this students...just meetings and working in our rooms. I don't have a computer right now in my room so I am kind of at a stand still because our technology guy is very sick. I mean I have a computer but it is new so it is not yet hooked up to the all my paperwork that is saved to my folder is not accessible. Today was a workshop at another school. We were late because we had to have physicals for bus driving...yes I am getting certified to drive a bus...for athletic purposes only! And we had to leave the workshop early because I had practice and had to get back to the school.

Now...the physical...not so good...blood pressure WAY to high. I have NEVER had high blood pressure. Pretty sure it is just because I am stressed right now. So I have to relax and find Jesus again :)

I am very proud of my cheer girls. Today they...the ones who were there...accomplished a shoulder stand...something we have never done the entire time I have been the sponsor. Go me for teaching them!!!

The little ones are doing well. My little man is visiting grandparents before school really starts back but our little princess is going to the sitter...and loves it! She is crawling and sitting on her own and has two teeth! LOVE her!!! And I miss my little man like CRAZY!!!! So ready for him to be home!

Let you know how school goes after the kiddos come back...(we have figured out how to stop that...they just keep comin back every August...hmmm!).

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So tired!

With August comes getting ready for school. I had cheer camp last week...needless to say I slept ALL day Friday. Two former athletes stayed with us and put on the camp. It was GREAT to visit with them. They feel like part family! This week is 2-a-days!!!!! Love it but...I am running with the girls. AND I AM SO TIRED!!!! Jillian did not prepare me for this! I am still doing my Jillian might think I am crazy for running and doing the 30-day shred but I have to...that's why! Today was an interesting day...while running our "course" they girls ahead of me start screaming "SNAKE, SNAKE" I froze...(there were no girls behind me). They all just ran over the snake thinking it was froze then ran the other way. Needless to say, we didn't run back that way! We survived...the snake...I did have one athlete vomit today...that's always good...shows me they are working hard!

Please be in prayer for a man hubby and I work with. His dad died recently. Don't know much about the situation but they do need prayers.

Love to you all...have a blessed day and stay cool!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

So tired...

When July hit, I was super excited because we were not going to do ANYTHING!!! We were just going to stay home and enjoy each other and our kiddos before we went back to school. Well, just as I make plans, God laughs. We have been going this whole month it seems. Our latest travel was to South Texas with some friends. Now when I say South Texas...I mean SOUTH Texas...60 miles from Del Rio to be exact. I was an interesting trip. Hubby killed an axis deer and little man fell in some cactus. Needless to say we made it home safely and were off again two days later...after two days of Algebra I EOC workshop...BORING!!! Just got back from my sister's house on the lake. Got to ride the "big boat" and LOVED it! Of course that was after we rode the 4-wheeler to Pappi's (?spelling?) to get the key. Fun times!

And two days from now, we leave to go on an Amtrak ride to Arkansas. Yes, I am a little scared but I must not show fear! Our little man LOVES trains so this should be like the ultimate train ride. And the day after we get back, cheer camp starts so I will be back in partial work mode. Where did the summer go???

I will post pictures later...a little tired right now. Enjoy your week and God bless you all. Please keep us in your prayers as I am seriously nervous about the train ride!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Now we wait...

Today was an exciting yet stressful day for us...we put our house on the market! these unsecure times, we have taken a leap of faith. Oh, let my faith stand strong, oh Lord. We want one of two things to happen after selling the house...1) we move to the Longview area sometime in the future...2) if we settle here, we find land. So, please be in prayer for us...that God will make His will clear to us and that we will follow it. we wait.

In the mean-time, I have changed my diet to work on lowering my cholesterol. I am doing good with it but I do have those meals...about once a week...that aren't too good. Well, today I had one of those meals and I hated every minute of it. First, it wasn't that great (taste). Second, I got full pretty quick so I didn't get to enjoy the parts that were good. And, third, I was totally sick to my stomach when I got home! I think I will stick to my salads and veggies!

Here are some random pictures...enjoy!

hubby and me at Casting Crowns concert
"the girls"

"the boys"

Baby Dedication

Have a blessed day!

Friday, July 9, 2010


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I made a visit to my lovely medicine my sister says...Dr. E. He says that my cholesterol is too high and I have to make some changes. So...I eat LOTS of veggies these days...salads, green beans, brocolli, V-8 juice, etc. And I have started taking Cholest-Off. If you know anything about it, let me know. I asked the pharmasist about it and he said everyone who has bought it from him has liked it. I asked him if it could hurt me and he said I think I will be ok. has changed, yes...but I have started exercising...again! Jillian I come. I have taken on the challenge of the "30-Day Shred" to which my sister told me I would cry. The first night...I yelled at her after she said they were right thre with the same shoes as I which I you aren' aren't fat like me!!!!!!!!!!!! Didn't change anything but it felt good to yell back.

I am attempting day #2 today. Probably won't be able to move tomorrow. Talk to you later!

Friday, July 2, 2010

much needed

So today has been a productive day. I woke up to a 6-month-old kicking me in the face and yes...screaming...ate my oatmeal, put baby girl back to bed, did my workout, played outside with little man, then began the vicious task of cleaning house. Not your everyday cleaning house but washing walls, baseboards, ceilings, ceiling fans, dusting everything, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, etc. Yes, I am very tired and still have lots more cleaning to do. I did stop for lunch, which those of you with high cholesterol like me...I had a spinach salad with white albacore tune, mozzarella cheese, avocado, pickles, and tarter sauce, crackers, and green tea. I am well on my way to losing this baby weight and lower the ol' LDLs.

By the way, here is a picture of all the grands at mom's "surprise" birthday party.